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OMNIATRADE men, examples and experiences serving enterprises.

OMNIATRADE has its origins from the intuition of two Tuscan entrepreneurs, who, in 1994, realized their business plan, thanks to their common passion for the great italian craftmanship tradition and the research in the mechanical and chemical field.

Today, the society is an established institution in the Italian and international market and has its headquarter in the heart of Tuscany, in Calenzano, a locality a few miles away from Florence, where it serves as supplier of products and services in the plant engineering and high-tech machines field.

Omniatrade, years away from its foundation, boasts a fully qualified experience in design, supply and management of systems and equipment such as industrial steam generators, water treatement systems, heat exchangers as well as machines for the distribution and production of oxygen.

The engineering and maintenance department of the plants is composed by a group of dynamic and reliable specialists upon which the company has invested for the development of personalized projects.  Several clients have indeed committed them the realization of systems, equipments and plants, which are currently considered examples of excellence in the segment of manufacturing utilities or equipment services.