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AZOPRO, an important resource for many productive sectors.

The development of the technical gas market, induced by the increase in the use of nitrogen and oxygen by the industries, has focused our attention in research and development on a new range of generators specifically designed to be used as a replacement to cryogenic storage tanks. The generators that we currently offer on the market are the result of over twenty years of experience and research in the sector and satisfy both the highest quantity requirements and the quality of technical gas.

  • The Azopro nitrogen system ranges from 480 NMc / h Purity 99.999 to 98.0%  

In the world of art and antiques

The Azopro Art Care equipment was created for specific use in museum environments. Fumigation in an atmosphere modified by nitrogen is one of the few systems that guarantee the total elimination of wood parasites at each stage of their life. This process takes place without leaving any trace and without damaging the works of art.

Antique furniture, frames, wooden artifacts, paintings, carpets, tapestries and books can be fumigated in anoxic mode, ensuring maximum disinfesting results in the absolute respect of the treated objects.

Once fumigation has been completed, it is possible to extract an analytical report on the treatment thanks to the software certified on the basis of the strict pharmaceutical regulations CRF 22 Part 11.

In the food industry

Nitrogen is used in the food industry to avoid the oxidation of products and their consequent wasting.

Nitrogen in the form of an inert gas is used as an additive (E941) to help prolong food storage, thus reducing the use of chemical preservatives in packaged products.

In agricolture

During production, storage and refinement of products such as wine and oil, a complex oxidation-reduction phenomenon is visible, which consistently changes its organoleptic characteristics as well as color and taste

The exclusion of oxygen, by means of an inert gas such as nitrogen, is effective in all stages of wine production and is particularly functional to preserve the color and taste of the oil as a separate ingredient.

Electronic industry

Nitrogen is used in the electronics industry to create an inert atmosphere in which it is possible to optimize the fixing and welding of the components, breaking down the possibility of defects in the phase of assembly.

In mechanical companies

Nitrogen is used as an inert gas that shields the cutting area during the cutting phase, which, in addition to guaranteeing a better cut quality, prevents oxidation phenomena and changes in the color of the material.

In pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies

The presence of oxygen and moisture can cause the alteration of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Contamination can make products unusable or harmful, and it is precisely for nitrogen can be used as inert gas during the production phase to preserve the packaged product

In petrochemical and natural gas plants

Nitrogen is used as a shielding during normal operation but also for the cleaning of petrochemical products transfer pipes.

Replacing the oxygen with the nitrogen inside the tanks and the pipes, allows to reduce the possibility of explosion during both the transfer and the storage of dangerous fluids, as well as it can be used under pressure for periodical cleaning of the aerial pipelines or underground gas extraction and distribution systems.

In mine

Nitrogen gas is used as an inert gas in the mining industry both to extinguish fires in coal mines and as an inerting element in environments at risk for the formation of explosive mixtures.