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Nitrogen generators with membrane technology: greater safety for production at lower costs

Nitrogen generators with membrane technology produce nitrogen from compressed air. These generators have lower production costs, as well as being a reliable alternative to both the traditional cylinder and the supply of liquid gas.
Nitrogen can be used as a cleaning, drying and inert gas, its primary function is to remove oxygen from products.
Omniatrade nitrogen generators can be integrated into your process system to guarantee not only continuous supply but also great savings.

AZOPRO Membrane Nitrogen System
Range 0.5 to 950 NMc / h Purity 99.50 to 95.0%

Scopes and sectors of supply

  • Chemical and oil industry: inert tanks, dryers, inert pipes, catalyst regeneration.
  • Food industry: preservation and protection of food, wine, olive oil.
  • Mining industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • Automotive production industries
  • Biological laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Restoration of artistic assets with fumigation of nitrogen.

Nitrogen generators with PSA technology Pressure Swing Absorption

“The new compact nitrogen production systems”


The AZOPRO COMPACT LINE range has been designed to guarantee the supply of nitrogen in the plant, through the use of the pre-existing compressed air production system or through a dedicated compression unit.

Our generators make it possible to eliminate the use of gas cylinders and storage tanks, guaranteeing a considerable reduction in costs as well as the elimination of the inconveniences related to the casuistry of accidents at work related to the management of the gas cylinders themselves.


  • Range 0,6 to 70 NMc/h
  • Purity 99,999 to 98,0 %

Oxygen generators with VPSA technology
Vacuum Pressure Swing Absorption

Oxygen generators with VPSA technology. A stable oxygen supply

Our technology for VPSA oxygen generators is designed for mass production ranging from 200 to 3000 Nmc / h and uses the selective separation technique through zeolite, offering oxygen with a purity of between 90 and 95% with an energy consumption ranging from 0.35 to 0.55 Kw / NMC O2.

Experience and continuous technological research allow us, today, to affirm without half terms that our production systems represent an excellence of the sector and are not afraid of any challenge in terms of quantity and quality of the final product.

Our Oxygen generators are made according to the best Italian craftsmanship and in accordance with European Directives on efficiency and safety. Our staff is able to prepare the installation of generators even in high risk work areas always in full compliance with the community rules and national laws that regulate safety in the workplace.

  • Range from 200 to 3000 Nmc / h
  • Purity 90 ato 95% – energy range 0.35 to 0.55 Kw / NMC O2.