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Production environments for OXYPRO:

The development of the technical gas market, induced by the increase in the use of nitrogen and oxygen by the industries, has focused our attention in research and development on a new range of generators specifically designed to be used as a replacement to cryogenic storage tanks. The generators that we currently offer on the market are the result of over twenty years of experience and research in the sector and satisfy both the highest quantity requirements and the quality of technical gas.

  • The Oxypro oxygen system varies from 1.7 to 380 NMc / h Purity 90 to 96%.

Biomedical sector

The oxygen self-production system for medical use is a machinery that separates the oxygen from the air at a technical level, but at the company level succeeds in uniting more factors such as savings, safety and reliability.

This oxygen production system is composed of three parts, the primary oxygen production line, the secondary oxygen generation line and the third one with a high pressure cylinder and compressor system built according to ISO 10083.

In case of failure, the system, being completely automated, and controlled by PLC, will switch from the primary line to the secondary or to the reserve, and at the same time will send the alarm to the operational center.

Thanks to modern 3D technology, the oxygen generators systems for the medical environment are designed and sized to meet the needs of our customers, in fact, each project is approved by the client before being put into production.

The main features of our generators are low energy consumption and easy maintenance.


Oxygen gas is used for fish farms in the aquaculture industry, as the high density of the fish requires a high amount of saturation of the oxygen level. A high concentration of oxygen also prevents the occurrence of diseases and the maintenance of the basic qualitative characteristics in the life conditions of the fish.

Glass Industry

Oxygen is used for combustion in the process of melting glass in furnaces and in all processes in which, when combustion occurs, the temperature of the flame must be increased through the introduction of a suitable amount of oxidiser..

Water treatments

Ozone is a valid alternative to the classic chlorine treatment for collecting tanks, in order to eliminate herbs and prevent discoloration and the onset of bacterial colonies. It can be used both in drinking water for human consumption and in wastewater treatment.