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“The new frontier of technical gases: self-production”

On-site production of oxygen and nitrogen is based on the PSA technology that exploits absorption technology of molecular sieves.
The PSA Pressure Swing Absorption processes represent today an extremely reliable technology for the self-production of nitrogen and oxygen exploiting dry compressed air.
The standard Azopro and Oxypro generators have been designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during operation, guaranteeing high efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to the use of the PSA technology.

“Innovation and research are our guidelines”

Thanks to the CAD 3D project, our engineering department is able to develop any type of generator, according to the customer’s technical needs.
Following the design, thanks to the modern CNC centers, the time of construction and realization of the product are optimized in order to guarantee delivery times.

“Always by your side from design to maintenance”

Machinery maintenance is the fundamental activity to preserve the value of your investment over time and to keep its performance reliable.

Our technical assistance service is able to provide the correct maintenance plans both in a preventive and corrective phase, also thanks to a tested system for the management of spare parts and components.
Omniatrade is able to offer maintenance plans in line with the needs of every customer, even the most demanding.

“The new range of oxygen and nitrogen generators with PSA technology for high flow and heavy duty”.

The development of the technical gas market and the increase in the use of nitrogen and oxygen by the industries led us to produce a new range of generators specifically designed to be used by medium and large companies, replacing storage tanks cryogenic.
Our generators are the result of over twenty years of experience in the sector and are able to meet the highest consumption requirements, always ensuring maximum concentration of technical gas.

Scopes and sectors of supply:

  • Chemical and oil industry: inert tanks, dryers, inert pipes, catalyst regeneration.
  • Food industry: preservation and protection of food, wine, olive oil.
  • Mining industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • Automotive production industries
  • Biological laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Restoration of artistic assets with fumigation of nitrogen.